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Welcome to our city! DARCity is a city built so that the modern entrepreneur can find everything he needs to support his business.
Navigate to our most important services and explore the websites of our central domains at the bottom right of the entrance.
On your next visit, don't forget to look for the differences. Maybe then our city will have grown a little more.
Did we say? No, it can't, we guarantee you that it will have grown, because that's what the cities and DARC are doing and of course all the companies we support.
Have a good tour and please obey the speed limits.

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A few words about us

We started as a company in 2014. We were a group of young people with the ultimate purpose to innovate. The beginning was made with the implementation of an innovative software for managing advertising content on screens. Very quickly we found that our displays were not being used to their full potential because our customers did not have the people or companies to support them properly.

So, in 2015, we created our advertising department, which has been instrumental in creating content that can be dynamically combined with our software. But along the way, as our users grew and our audience grew both in Greece and Cyprus, the need arose to produce original video content. Thus, in 2017, the Productions department was born.

And now we are proud of our next step. We have evolved into DARC consisting of 5 autonomous areas that work together with absolute success and organization, to achieve what in 2015 seemed impossible to us: the full advertising support of our clientele.

A few words about you

Our customers are businesses of all sizes who want to concentrate all of their advertising activity in one company in order to minimize costs and unnecessary communications with a bunch of different stakeholders. 

Our customers are scattered all over the world, since until today we have undertaken projects in Cyprus, Korea, the USA, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia.

Our customers are businesses that want a experienced team next to them without restrictions on support.

Our customers want to communicate with us via phone, email, online chat, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Google Meet and of course in person.

Our customers love Digital.

Our customers hate Digital.

Our customers want us to be as close to them as possible in all these ways, so that together we can go as far as we can.

Our clients are businesses that want fresh ideas, who want a team that is not afraid to innovate but also knows where to stop: balance.

Our customers want branding and communication strategies.

Our customers want websites and apps.

Our clients want graphics and animation.

Our customers want their own TV channel in their business.

Our clients want to shoot movies and commercials.

Our customers are demanding and it's something we want, because the more demanding you become, the better we become.

What our vertical offers you

A unique road connecting different services and sectors.

Our company is specialized in providing Marketing services by looking holistically at the continuous process of branding. What is important at this point is how we can provide integrated products and services that maintain their coherence, resulting in a coordinated public image being communicated outwards as the modern market demands.

Our company has the ability to cover 100% of consulting and advertising needs with an emphasis on digital media which is now the most important area of promotion. 

DARC consists of 5 main sectors 

The combination is not accidental. Our sectors complement each other resulting in the production of better quality products. With our comprehensive, one-stop services, we and our clients save resources as our collaboration becomes more immediate. Without the involvement of many different people and companies, we avoid the "broken phone" and misunderstandings that reduce productivity, as well as the diffusion of responsibilities, thus having control over the outcome.

How do we organize our projects?

Today's era requires the use of online tools for the successful implementation of any project - let alone digital projects, in which DARC specializes. After years of experience and research, we have come to the use of programs that will facilitate both you and our team. The organization of our projects is 100% digital, and helps us to use our time efficiently, giving clarity and speed to our communications. In this way we save time for our clients, while at the same time we achieve the goals we set much more easily and efficiently. 

  • Quick and easy communication and Online Meetings
  • Online Project Tracking – Schedules
  • Classification and storage – protection of all files
  • UI/UX software
  • Video Review tools
  • Task Management Software


We never stop looking for new ways to be as efficient as possible, and post it is not one of them.


Corporate social responsibility

For us, the offer is not a responsibility but a real pleasure. 

That's why we support in practice Child's smile and his most important social work in our country.

DARC, for the second year in a row, built and supported the great online lottery "For the Smile" to meet the needs of the children in the organization's 11 homes. The lottery is over, but the children continue to need our support. That's why with every pre-registration at NotiFund, DARC contributes €3 for the weekly meals of the babies hosted by the Smile of the Child who are in need of baby milk, since they are unable to breastfeed. If you wish to contribute to the organization's work, you can visit the website:


For Smile with love from DARC

Welcome to our HELP CENTER

How much does it cost to train new staff?

How much does a difficulty in communicating with the companies that support you cost?

Our HELP CENTER exists to reduce these costs for you. There our customers can:

  1. To see all the history of our communications. Pricing issues, technical and creative support, sales, and any other issues related to our cooperation, are concentrated in our HELP CENTER.
  2. To create tickets for all their requests. In this way, we organize our communication, without getting lost in emails, and ensure the best possible service, keeping the history of the progress of the requests.
  3. Search our knowledge base for the information they need. With articles, video tutorials, productivity tips and more that we'll be adding as we develop the DARC HELP CENTER, our customers get even better use of our services.

Most important of all is support

How many of your own hours do you waste showing an employee how to manage your website, eshop or even your advertising screens? How quickly will a new associate of yours be trained in all these complex digital media that have invaded our lives and have become absolutely necessary for all businesses? And if the new partner only stays on the job for 15 days and leaves?

Again from the begining;

In order for our services to achieve their purpose, production by us is not enough, but continuous cooperation with people from your business is also required. Eshop, websites, social media support, display management – these are all tools that require man hours from your team.

Watch a short explanatory video on how our HELP CENTER works.

Visit our HELP CENTER: 

The HELP CENTER works in conjunction with the DARC ACADEMY: 

DARC Academy

It's no secret that e-Learning has taken the world of education by storm. DARC has its own Academy. There you will find not only lessons on how to get the most out of our services, but also on a host of other topics that can help you and your business: 

  • Educational videos on tools such as eshop, wordpress and programs that make your life easier.
  • Courses for beginners to use computers.
  • Consulting courses around Management.
  • Daily simple tips to optimize your work.
  • Detailed instructions on matters of regulation and operation of productivity programs.

DARC ACADEMY is a training center that will change the way you and your partners receive support across the digital ecosystem that has now become essential for every business.

See more about DARC ACADEMY:

DARC ACADEMY works together with DARC HELP CENTER:

Career Opportunities

DARC is a multidimensional company staffed by people with a common vision and a great appetite for innovation. We are looking for partners with the aim of full integration into our team and permanent collaboration and not opportunistic collaborations. We are a constantly growing company, which on the one hand continuously develops the quality of its services by exploiting the ever-greater possibilities of technology and on the other hand expands its network of partners. 




That application notifund is a system which monitors the most key sectors of the public sector for business activity: NSRF, investment programs, grants, debt arrangements, OAED etc. Our app you notifies automatically and immediately for all programs that your business can disburse.

We keep you updated with emails and articles, but we know that's not enough. One unread email and you might miss a program tens of thousands of euros which your business is eligible. That's why we use tools like VIber, WhatsApp or simply SMS, so that the businessman can be informed immediately and definitely on his mobile about the money he can claim. 


The notification you've always been waiting for.
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DARCshop hides all the different opportunities a business has to open up to the digital world and manage to stand out among the noise of a borderless market. But to enter the DARCshop and browse our digital packages, you have to say the password, and that...only our customers know!  


Software engineering is now the ultimate tool in the hands of businesses and organizations of any size. The cloud software in which we specialize have conquered the world for the ease that characterizes them in terms of their access and installation. See more about DARC SOFT on our website:


The notification you've always been waiting for.
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*Cloud software is also the notifund app with which you will never again lose a single euro that your company is entitled to from NSRF and investment programs. See more on the page: 


Digital Signage is a way of promotion that has conquered the whole world. It is an advertising and informational method that uses from simple televisions to multiple high-definition screens in various formations and sizes (video wall). It's the ultimate promotional tool where it matters most: right where the product or service is being sold.

See more on our website:


DARC Advertising specializes in Digital Marketing but the main strategy is that it can use the different areas of DARC to provide the competitive advantage of 360 advertising.

Briefly, the sections are:

  • Integrated Communications Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Websites
  • DARC SIGNAGE- Digital Signage
  • Visual communication – Graphic design
  • Analysis
  • Advertising productions in collaboration with DARC PRODUCTIONS

See more on our website:


DARC PRODUCTIONS is active in television and radio productions of any size, requirements and budget. Businesses of all sizes try every day to promote their work by facing the "terror of content" as we could describe it with a more cinematic terminology.

  • What should I show?
  • How do I show it? 
  • Will a mediocre production work positively or ultimately negatively for my business?
  • Who knows the best way to promote my services? 

Services and products that most often cost hundreds of thousands of euros to produce are advertised to the public with low-quality videos, degrading their very value. At DARC PRODUCTIONS we produce only quality videos always according to the needs of each business and each product.

See more on our website: